Course Description

Mindful awareness is paying careful attention to what is happening now, and noticing when your attention drifts away. Mindful awareness practices help people of all ages develop habits that make us better decision makers. Strategies for developing mindfulness include breathing exercises and awareness activities.

Included in the Mindful Choices Program:

  • Mindful breathing exercises (in audio recordings and written scripts) to incorporate into the daily classroom routine
  • Plans for mini-lessons that support deeper understanding of mindfulness-related concepts: self-awareness, empathy, attention to detail, strengthening self- control, and leaving one’s comfort zone
  • Ideas for integrating mindful awareness practices into your classroom throughout the year

Research Has Shown:


  • “One significant outcome was seeing my students internalize the practice as a ‘go-to’ option for how to handle their stress during the day. A few students noted on their end of the year reflection sheet that I taught them how to breathe.” -- Middle school teacher, Gen. George A. McCall School
  • “I have conducted breathing exercises in my classroom...because the stress level has been pretty high lately. The students love taking some time to reflect and survey how they are feeling. The last time I did it, the students all commented on how relaxed and peaceful they felt afterwards.” -- Middle school teacher, Vare-Washington School

Head Instructor

Alliance for Decision Education

How I Decide is an educational nonprofit 501(c)(3) that equips youth with skills to be better decision makers throughout their lives. Rather than telling youth what to decide, we teach them how to make more sensible decisions. We create innovative programs and instructional content to develop students’ critical thinking, social, and emotional skills. In addition, we support research to develop new products, interventions, and instructional methods.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Instructions

    • Implementing Mindful Choices

    • Sample Mindful Choices Calendar

  • 2

    Mindful Breathing Basics

    • Mindful Breathing Basics

    • Mindful Breathing Log

  • 3

    Guided Breathing Recordings

    • Shoulder Rolls - 2:08

    • Matching Breaths - 3:02

    • Matching Breaths - 4:43

    • Matching Breaths - 8:23

    • Matching Breaths w/Retention - 2:45

    • Lazy 8 - 2:45

    • Arm Raises - 4:49

    • Chair Sun Salutations - 6:00

    • "Yes!" Breaths - 1:54

    • Body Scan - 4:58

    • Kindness Meditation - 7:05

  • 4


    • Mini-Lesson 1: Introduction to Mindfulness

    • Mini-Lesson 2: Introduction to Mindful Breathing

    • Mini-Lesson 3: Reduce Multitasking

    • Mini-Lesson 4: Be Aware of Your Surroundings

    • Mini-Lesson 5: Notice the Details

    • Mini-Lesson 6: Find Calm Around You

    • Mini-Lesson 7: Eat Mindfully

    • Mini-Lesson 8: Listen Mindfully

    • Mini-Lesson 9: Increase Empathy

    • Mini-Lesson 10: Strengthen Your Self-Control

    • Mini-Lesson 11: Work with Distractions

    • Mini-Lesson 12: Manage School Stress

    • Mini-Lesson 13: Use Your Beginner's Mind

    • Mini-Lesson 14: Expand Your Comfort Zone

    • Mini-Lesson 15: Mindfulness and Mindlessness Visualized

  • 5

    Additional Materials

    • Supplements to Mindful Breathing

    • Teacher Post Survey

  • 6

    Program Booklet

    • Middle & High School Guide